PanGeo Subsea Inc Introduces Pilot Console to Provide Enhanced Sub-Seabed Imaging Capabilities to the Offshore Energy Markets

The PanGeo Subsea Pilot Console is a proprietary software package developed by PanGeo Subsea to provide clear visualization of cables during data acquisition. The newly released Pilot Console provides real-time images of the cable/asset sub-seabed in three views: plan view, cross-track vertical profile and along-track vertical profile. The online PanGeo technician views the live data stream in real-time to ensure the asset is being surveyed as required and that data quality is acceptable.

Upgraded in January 2020, the new Pilot Console provides significant upgrades and benefits including:

  • The ability to apply filters to live data, enabling a transparency function to the seabed.  The recorded data still contains all acquired data and returns from below the seabed however, the filters are applied to the real-time image used to track assets to produce clearer images below the seabed
  • Signal processing within Pilot Console can highlight the image of an asset, enabling easier tracking of buried infrastructure
  • Improved asset tracking in challenging soil conditions as transparency filters remove the lithological returns and the requirement to manually slice through the data for location of the top of product.
  • Reduction of downtime associated with cease of operations and vessel turn-around to image last known cable location.

The commercial release of the upgraded Pilot Console has increased overall survey speeds achieved in campaigns to date and it has opened the door to future developments of PanGeo Subsea’s technology.