“Thank you very much for the good and interesting AC results obtained and reported at Anholt. The results show that the risk during installation is less than expected before start of the AC activities…Ørsted thinks the AC operations have been very successful and have added much value to the project”


“In order to mitigate the geological risk for the piling works and therefore to minimize the cost of removal of obstacles offshore we are of the firm opinion that a thorough investigation of the locations is inevitable… EnBW is making very promising experience with PanGeo’s Acoustic Corer system which has successfully been deployed at 6 locations at the Baltic 1 project as well as on 6 locations of the OWF Kriegers Flak. We therefore deem it a sound proposal to use PanGeo for investigation of all locations at the OWF Kriegers Flak where piles shall be placed with aim to identify best possible location for each foundation structure”


“The SBI performed better than all other technologies we tried. It successfully completed the scope of work and surveyed over 240 kms of the NorNed cable with power ON. We were so pleased with it’s performance, we recommended to our sister company Britned to spec the SBI into their ITT as well”


“Impressive equipment and overall good service. Efforts made in the pre-mob readiness were very much appreciated”

Subsea 7

“DOF Subsea recently contracted PanGeo Subsea to provide hardware and personnel to conduct a short survey of a buried umbilical cable for a major UK operator. Upon the commencement of the operations it was immediately apparent that the SBI system was fully able to consistently track the product and the client subsequently requested additional survey work which was executed by the same offshore team. Due to the nature of the work scope the mobilization date was not fixed until quite late in the proceedings but a rapid mobilization combined with prior experience of DOF Subsea personnel, hardware and procedures allowed the process to be completed within one day. Initial data was delivered on board prior to demobilization allowing a streamlined data flow to be maintained”

DOF Subsea

“Excellent experience working with PanGeo. Smooth, easy communication with no hiccups. Prompt responses and action whenever required from both the Commercial team and the Operational team. Incredibly easy to deal with. The team is very confident about their equipment, and rightfully so!”

Resolve Marine Group