The SeaKite™ is PanGeo’s next generation SBI deployment method, utilizing a Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) incorporated into the SBI. The high-speed depth of burial platform that operates in water depths from 7-250m and is 6x faster than ROV surveys by travelling at speeds up to 4kts. Having the same benefits as the ROV mounted SBI, the SeaKite™ images both ferrous and nonferrous anomalies.

The SeaKite™ is the market leader for long-distance depth of burial (interconnector and export cables) and wide-area site investigation (anomaly mapping). The SeaKite™ enables substantial cost savings by reducing vessel and crew size.

Benefits and Applications

Key Features:

• High-speed data collection (4kts)
• Single-pass multi sensor platform (SBI, magnetometer, SAS)
• Auto-pilot (fly-height and cable position)
• Better than 10cm accuracy


• 6x faster data acquisition compared to ROV survey
• Reduces the cost and duration of cable surveys
• ROTV reduces vessel size and crew
• Significant reduction of GHG emissions
• Cost effective solution for identification of buried non-ferrous anomalies


• Cable and pipeline pre-route surveys (wide area site investigations)
• Unexploded ordnance (UXO surveys) (ferrous and non-ferrous)
• Energized cable depth of burial surveys

Case Studies

Pre-Installation Cable Route UXO Survey

Take a look at our SeaKite Pre-Installation UXO Survey on a wind farm development off the Dutch coast

High-Speed SeaKite Depth of Burial Survey

Take a look at our High-Speed SeaKite Depth of Burial Survey on a live HVDC cable off the Dutch coast